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New! Cupid Cards!

Hey, I think you're cute!Sometimes that's all you need to say to ignite a spark that can last forever. And guess what, you don't have to say it, you can just hand them a card, smile and walk away!Don't stress, sweat and mumble, Just say it with a Cupid Card!


Find That Special Someone

Life is so much more joyful when you have someone whose presence in your life turns the mundane ups and downs of life into shared special moments.There's nothing wrong with being deliberate about attaining happiness and thereby achieving the balance to make your life that much more fulfilling, and we at Ditiro Lifestyle are here to help you do just that with our Romantic Partner Solutions Package!

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Put Your Best Foot Forward!

Not sure if your style compliments and accentuates the best parts of you? Sometimes you need an outside eye to help realise just how amazing you are and show you not only how to see it for yourself but how to show it to the world as well! We'd be glad to step in and help you with this process!We will also offer you complimentary services such as Dating Coaching, Relationship coaching as well as Personal Coaching to make sure you've got the tools to fully leverage your fabulousness to truly enjoy a balanced and fulfiling life!

Try New Things!

There's more to life than sitting on the couch. There are experiences out there to be had! Have you always wanted to try golf but don't know where to start? Gourmet food you'd like to try while in the company of new, like-minded, fabulous people? Whiskey tasting perhaps? Ditiro Lifestyle has got you covered!Join us for our group experiences and add some new flavour to your repetoire!

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Now Landed - Ditiro Wine!

Get a FREE bottle of Ditiro Wine when signing up for any one of our Ditiro Services.Already a Ditiro Client? No worries, we'll throw in 5 cases of Ditiro Wine when you and that special someone you've found decide to make it official. Be it an engagement party, commitment ceremony, or wedding, our 5 free cases will be there to help you celebrate your special moment!

About Ditiro Lifestyle Solutions

Experience, Dedication and Confidentiality

Sometimes in our quest to attain our dreams, we miss out on opportunities to meet that someone special. The more established we become, the more we gravitate towards the same places and same groups of people, which then limits opportunities to meet new people to experience and to share the colourful experiences of life.Our Lifestyle Management services are dedicated to an exclusive clientele. We believe in experiences that help hard working individuals balance life and enjoy the benefits of their hard work. We are the go to lifestyle solutions partner for individuals looking for some balance in their lives as well as personal fulfilment while they pursue their ambitions.

Our clients are carefully selected to ensure that all members get a worthwhile benefit in experiencing new networks and connections while enjoying an array of experiences that are both old passions and new adventures.To experience the world of fulfilling balance for yourself, please reach out to us today.

Blogs & Advice

Sometimes while going through life, it may feel like the things we are going through are unique to us, which sometimes makes us question if we're doing something wrong. Truth is, there are many others navigating similar situations and probably making the same " mistakes".Understanding that there are general challenges that most people in similar situations encounter and that there are ways in which we can make the challenge a little easier to navigate makes life that much more lighter. That's what our balance blog is about, making life lighter!So go on, dig into our Video Blogs hosted on Youtube over a cup of coffee, you very well might pick up a golden nugget or two!

Feedback - In Our Client's Words

All I did was work work work, and even when I thought about my social life, I didn't know where to start. Thanks to Ditiro, I have found a new network of people at a similar stage in life that I could enjoy an array of great activities with.I go out regularly and I'm more outgoing now, more open to try out new things. It has helped my business and greatly improved my social life. Thank you Ditiro.Angie

I found it difficult to immerse myself in new experiences. This made me come across stand-offish and my career and social life both suffered. Thanks to Ditiro I have been able to identify those things that are compelling about me that I can use to connect with people, while managing those qualities about me that might be off-putting, depriving me of meaningful connections and experiences.Thabo

Hey, you're never too young to try new things and enjoy the company of great new people. I just took up golf at 48. I've met some great people and I play regularly. I have found a great place to manage the stresses of managing my ambitions.I wouldn't have known where to start and with whom to start if it wasn't for Ditiro. Grateful I found these guys!Gerald

A friend recommended Ditiro Lifestyle Management to me, I was intrigued as I have tried most online platforms which didn’t yield any satisfactory results. Was willing to try it out because I had nothing to lose, I have been single for 3 years and wanted to meet people, but didn’t know how.Keo and her team assisted me with quarterly matches to dip my toe into dating pool. I liked this option cause it allowed me to explore what was out there without committing to anything. I enjoyed the professional vetting as it filtered out the riff raff that you usually get from the likes of these swipe left swipe right dating platforms.Thank you for allowing me to explore in safety.Neo
(Not his real name, profiles are confidential)

I was sceptical in registering for this service, I had tried the online dating platforms before without any success and thought how can this be different. In this COVID times you do turn to try anything to open up your networks. What I found with Ditiro is that it is personalised, with the other sites I hated entering data on a system with the hopes of an algorithm finding my match. I appreciated that personal touch of Keo sitting with me over coffee, to get to know me, to understand me and to match my expectations. This to me was a win as they understood the nuances of my personality.The next steps was going through a personality test, which I thought was a bit extreme, but I guess the ladies know what they are doing. After this stage I was asked to do a criminal check, I thought this is again extreme, but I guess as an executive I also want to know I am engaging with above board characters. After 3 matches I found my connection. Was surprised that it took such a short period of time, but the thorough analysis mechanism that Ditiro has clearly works.Thank you ladies for helping me find love, 6 month later we are still going strong.Lerato(Not her real name, profiles are confidential)

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